MELTDOWN: Visualizing Climate Change

MELTDOWN: Visualizing Climate Change

Gallery Description:

Unlike wildfires and flooding, glaciers are not part of the weather system and when looking at glacier mass loss over time, one can see the result of global heating. This makes glaciers key indicators of the climate crisis. Since 2008 the climate change charity Project Pressure has been commissioning world-renowned artists to conduct expeditions to document changes to the world’s vanishing glaciers, the consequences for billions of people, and efforts made to limit melting.

These works are bought together as MELTDOWN and can be seen on display at the Horniman from 23 November 2019 to 12 January 2020.

The exhibition emphasises the importance of glaciers in a scientific, illustrative and dramatic way. Works featured range in scale from the planetary level to microscopic biological impact, with artistic interpretations giving visitors unique insights into the world’s cryosphere, its fragile ecosystem and our changing global climate.

MELTDOWN features work from every relevant continent and leads the viewer on a journey in three chapters – The Importance of Glaciers, Current Issues and Meltdown Consequences. The show is created to inspire as well as activate visitors, and to incite real behavioural change.

The series of striking artworks includes artist Peter Funch’s use of vintage postcards as a model for his images of American glaciers to capture the effects of glacial recession; Norfolk + Thymann’s image of part of the Rhône glacier covered in geo-thermal cloth to limit melting; Richard Mosse’s photograph of the ice cave under the Vatnajökull glacier in Iceland; and Noémie Goudal’s large-scale photographic installation mirroring the shifting glacial landscape, printed on biodegradable paper.

A.Bliss Description:

We have worked with Project Pressure on numerous projects to bring their display ideas to install, based not only on their aesthetic requests but also that of the artists that kindly donated or loaned to the cause. Successful exhibitions at the Natural History Museum in Vienna, Unseen Amsterdam and finally, The Horniman in London make for a well travelled and hopefully resounding message being delivered across borders.

The charity has brought together an impressive collection of works from international photographers to encourage awareness, discussion and ultimately positive change to the many climate emergencies we are facing.

"Since 2008 Project Pressure has been commissioning world-renowned artists to conduct more than 30 expeditions around the world, creating works shown together in a museum exhibition titled MELTDOWN. The projects were developed and executed together with scientists to ensure accuracy resulting in work from every relevant continent on the planet."

We used a wide ranges of display techniques including light boxes, traditional box and tray frames and were happy to be involved in the project management, logistics and planning where needed. The entire process was carbon offset.

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