Marie Angeletti

Artist Description:

If I ignored the urge to not explain anything what would I say? I suppose I would recoil into fact and say I hired these women to pose for me. I posted an ad on Craigslist, “Female photographer looking for nude females to be photographed. 40 euros an hour.” We met and I explained that I wanted to film them masturbating – they all agreed. If things go well the photos will be well received, and all of us will have gained as well as lost something in the process.

I was only turned on by a seductive piece of soft-core a friend sent me, very well made, great music in fact, and I hoped to do the same. The following images come from the women I hired. They gave me the permission to use those; some are unsolicited photographs they sent me – pictures they made of themselves or had made – while others are pictures I made of them.

A.Bliss description: 

We were tasked with re-creating a display approach the artist had used for a previous show. The digital C-Type prints were face mounted onto 4mm low iron, polished glass. The prints were sandwiched between the glass and an extra layer of photographic paper on the back to ensure the artwork is encased and protected. We then fitted 8mm hanging subframes for a float install. 

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